Optimize your home page

Why should I invest in SEO? 
SEO is often underestimated, although it is one of the best investments that are critical for the company

The most straightforward explanation for SEO (search engine optimization) would be that it shows how well your website is optimized according to specific keywords that can help you find you on Google. It can improve the quality of the website and the number of visitors at the same time.

How does it work?

  • FREE SEO Audit: First, we go across your website with you, where we share our thoughts, assess the current state of the website, show where the page is currently located in Google’s space, and talk honestly about how much work should be done be done at all. Here you can get a comprehensive overview of our recommendations.
  • CREATING A PLAN: We will create a “step by step” execution plan to establish the stages of how our cooperation will create a successful product. It is necessary to develop a solid system for how to stand out in the market. Let’s talk about each point precisely so that you, too, have an accurate overview and understanding of the whole process.
  • COOPERATION: We begin executing the same plan we developed in advance. We will provide you with a continuous overview and maintain constant communication. Communication between the client and us is essential to us, as it ensures the most efficient and best cooperation. We involve you in the process so that you have an understanding of the work process.
  • ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY: From now on, you will have the opportunity to add your own company to the information rainbow. Information quiz is a high-quality source that is a bridge between questions and solutions. This provides an opportunity to connect the customer and service provider and be visible on the Internet. See by: https://infoviking.ee.

SEO vs. Google ad

Google Advertising gets only 4-6% of total clicks, while you have the option to get 90%+ OF THE ENTIRE MARKET with SEO

  • Google advertising is a motorway to the short-term solution, which is good, but you pay more and more money every day in the long run. All this is because the price of one click of google advertising has risen by 244% in the last two years and continues to rise just as strongly. Plus, there’s going to be some bigger company that’s just going to eat you up and your advertising budget!
  • SEO is an investment in your company’s digital world with an opportunity to save money in the long term. It is costly not investing in SEO because you leave practically 90% of your market unused. If you are not on the web search front page with your most important keywords, then you almost do not exist on the web! In addition, by investing in SEO, no other company can buy itself past you. And if your page is already beautifully on the front page, you won’t pay for additional funds for induvial clicks.

Why should you spend your time on SEO in the first place?

About 55% of purchase decisions are made on pages found through search engines. It also creates a good overview that you target people who are aware of their problem and are actively looking for a solution to it through SEO.

The first position on the Google search results page (SERP) receives 33% of all clicks; subsequently, the second position is 17%, the third position 11%, the fourth 7%, and the last, or 10, positions already only 1-1.5% of all clicks.

The search engine has three critical functions.

  1. Google Robot: Searches the Internet for contingent, goes over codes and URL links.
  2. The index: collects and organizes content that the robot has access to. 
  3. Position: Enabling people to search according to their wishes.

What’s the robot looking for?

The search engine uses the search process to send out so-called robots (known as spiders) to search for a new contingent or content. A contingent can mean a webpage, a picture, a video, pdf – it doesn’t matter what format, as long as it is found as the link.